Technico SEO & PPC

Technico SEO & PPC

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SEO and PPC Services for 3 months


DCKAP would analyze and work on the below task and provide Marketing guidance for Technico.  

Below is a list of tasks that will be covered as part of the project.  


Our Marketing activities will focus on:  

  • Search Engine Optimization  
  • PPC  
  • Website Assisted Conversion  

Key Results  

  • Increase in traffic to the website  
  • Increase request for quotes on the website  
  • Optimize Google Ads for better results  
  • Increase website assisted conversions   

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)  

  • Keyword Analysis  
  • Robot.txt configuration  
  • Sitemaps update and monitoring

Title and Description optimization  

  • URL Optimization  
  • Image Optimization  
  • Content Optimization  
  • Rich Snippets  
  • Backlink audit and suggestions  
  • Competitor Site comparison 

Google Ads (PPC)  

DCKAP will   

  • Analyze the existing Google Ad campaigns.  
  • Provide feedback on existing ad campaigns.  
  • Create new ad campaigns.  
  • Keyword Research  
  • Monitor ad campaigns daily and provide a report on negative keywords.  
  • Conversion tracking  
  • A/B testing for ad campaigns.  

Marketing Strategy 

DCKAP will,

  • Understand the business and target audience of your business   
  • Check which marketing channel suits best for your business based on your inputs and your competitor’s marketing strategy.  
  • Blog related SEO suggestions to increase traffic for the website.  
  • Suggestions to convert the traffic to leads based on customer behavior analysis on the website.  

eCommerce Analytics  

DCKAP will incorporate Google Analytics eCommerce scripts into the Magento backend through which we will provide information on  

  • Order information  
  • Product performance  
  • Category performance  
  • Checkout behaviors  
  • Shopping behaviors  

We will perform extensive analysis on Google Analytics to determine bounce rates, site engagement, and other relevant metrics. Goals and Funnels have to be implemented to calculate eCommerce conversions. 

$9,000 due on 03/30/2020

$9,000 due on 06/30/2020

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