Tax Exemption

The Tax Exemption extension is used to manage tax exemption certificates from customer accounts and provide tax-free benefits for eligible customers.

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Compatible With:
СE 2.0.x - 2.3.x; EE 2.0.x - 2.3.x
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The Tax Exemption Magento2 extension is used to manage tax exemption certificates from customer account and provide tax free benefits for eligible customers. Customer can upload their tax exemption certificate from the “my account” section for approval. Once admin reviews and approves the request, customers can get the tax exempt option in checkout page. Admin can also set the expiration for the tax exemption from “customer account” section.


  • Enable/Disable the tax exemption at any time from Magento backend.
  • Ability to set expiration date for the tax exemption.
  • Once the tax exemption date expires, customer would not be able to get the tax exemption in checkout page. This can be controlled automatically.
  • When the customer uploads the tax exemption certificate, it will be notified to the administrator via email.
  • Once admin approves the tax exemption, the customer will get a notification via email.
  • Admin can configure the email address which they need to receive all the tax exemption request email.

Module Configuration

To enable the extension, go to STORE > Configuration and from left side menu navigate to DCKAP->Tax Exemption.

General Configuration


General Configuration for Tax Exemption


  • Select Enabled to Yes for enabling the module.
  • Request Email Receiver Name: Name of the person who needs to receive the Tax Exemption request from customer.

  • Request Email Receiver Email: Email address for the admin who needs to receive the Tax Exemption request via email from the customer.

  • Request Email Template to Admin: Email Template for the Tax Exemption request from customer.

  • Approval Email Template to Customer: Email Template for the customer to receive the approval email from Admin.

Upload Tax Exemption certificate

To upload a Tax Exemption certification, log into the website and go to my account section. Select Account Information tab and upload you tax exemption certificate. 

Upload Tax Exemption certificate from My Account


Once the customer uploads the tax exemption certificate, it will send an email to the admin to validate and approve the tax exempt certificate.

Manage Tax Exempt Certificate

To manage the tax exempt certificate, log into Magento backend and navigate to Customers->All Customers and edit the specific customer account. We can see the Tax Exempt certificate under Account Information tab.

Admin can view the tax exemption certificate and approve/decline the request. To approve the request set Expiry Date for the Tax Exemption and set Is Tax Exempt to Yes.

Manage Tax Exempt

  •  Admin can change the Expiration date and Tax Exempt status any time.
  • Admin can also upload the tax exempt certificate for the customer.
  • Upon approval, customer will receive email confirmation. Customers can also see their tax exempt status and expiration date in the My Account section.


Tax Exempt Status

How to Exempt the Tax on Checkout Page

In the checkout page, customers can get the option to apply the tax exempt. If the customer is eligible for the tax exemption, they can see the Tax Exemption option and should click the check box Do you want to include tax exemption? 

Tax Exempt on Checkout Page




Once the customer checks the box, it automatically detects the tax from the checkout page.

 Admin can also check the Tax Exempt amount in sales orders page.


Tax Exempt on Sales Order


Admin can also apply tax exempt for the customer while placing order from Magento backend. 

Tax Exempt from backend


Admin can simply click the Tax exempt option and it automatically apply the tax exempt for the customer.  



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