Shopping List Manager

The Shopping List Manager Magento2 extension allows customers to create a group and add liked products under that group.

Compatible With:
СE 2.0.x - 2.3.x; EE 2.0.x - 2.3.x
Get impressed here by checking out glimpse of the extension in action on the Magento frontend and backend


  • Enable/Disable the shopping list manager at any time from Magento backend.
  • Customer can search the product using product’s name or sku and add it to specific shopping list group.
  • Customer can add the product to shopping list group from the product view page.
  • Ability to allow customer to create the shopping list group.
  • Ability to allow customer to Keep the items in the shopping list after adding items to cart.Admin can enable/disable this feature from Magento Backend.
  • Ability to redirect the customer to shopping cart page, once the items added to cart from shopping list page.

Module Configuration

To enable the extension, go to STORE > Configuration and from left side menu navigate to DCKAP->Shopping List Manager. 

General Configuration

General Configuration

  • Select Enabled to Yes for enabling the module.
  • Select Maintain Product in Shopping List After Add to Cart to Yes for maintain the product in shopping list after add the products to cart. If No, the products will be deleted from the shopping list after the products added to the cart.
  • Select After Adding a Product Redirect to Shopping Cart to Yes for redirecting the current page to shopping cart page, if No, the page will be redirected to Shopping List Page.

Create Shopping List

To create shopping list group, login to the website and go to my account section,Select Shopping List on the left side nav. The following page will open.

Create Shopping List


Here you can enter the shopping list group name and save it. Once you submit the form the page will look like as follows.

Shopping List2

Here we created the group called Men’s Top, which will display in the right hand side Customer Shopping List dropdown. The products will be displayed based on the selected group name in the Customer Shopping List dropdown.

Search the Product by Name/SKU

There is an option in the Shopping list page to search product by its name or SKU.

Add product to Shopping List

When the customer enters the name, the search result will be shown in the dropdown. Customers can choose the product and add it to their shopping list group.

Add product from Product Detail Page

Customer can also add the product to shopping list page from the product Detail page.

Shopping List PDP Page

Here customers can choose the product’s option, qty and add the product to shopping list group. They can choose the existing group name from the Choose shopping list dropdown or enter the new group name.

Shopping List

Once we added the product to the Shopping List group, the page will look like as follows.

Shopping List


From this page, customer can choose the products and add them to cart using Add List to Cart button. If the customer doesn’t want any specific product, he may remove it from the list separately. They can also delete the group and its product using the Delete List button if they don’t want the group.


  • Stability: Stable Build
  • Description:

    + Shopping List Manager Initial Stable Version

            + Bug Fixes

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