Review Coupons

Magento 2 Coupon Code Extension allows you to automatically create a coupon when a product review is approved.

Compatible With:
СE 2.1.x - 2.3.x; EE 2.0.x - 2.3.x
Get impressed here by checking out glimpse of the extension in action on the Magento frontend and backend

Introduction to Review Coupon:

We all know online users love to see product review before making a purchase. But the problem is making the buyer to write a review on your portal. Bigger problem is even if a previous buyer writes any review he is not appreciated except a boring thank you message.  So to encourage customer to write reviews and to make them purchase again we have built this extension.

Once the buyer's wrote a review this extension will automatically create a coupon after the review got approved from the admin. This coupon code is sent to the customer in a default created email template. If admin want to change the email template, can create a new email template and assign the template name in email template configuration. 


General Configuration:



General Config

Select Enabled to Yes for enabling the module.

Select “Send Review Acknowledgement to Customer” Yes to send the email notification of product review to customer/guest. If No, the product review submit email notification won’t be send to customer/guest.

Select “Send Coupon code for Guest” to Yes for send the coupon code offers to guest while store owner approve the review in admin, if No, the coupon code will not generate and won’t send to guest.


Email Template Configuration:                      

Here you can choose the email template which will be communicated to customer/guest. 

Email Template

We have created the default template for Review Approval Email Template and Review Acknowledgement Email Template.

When you install the extension Review Coupon Approval and Review Submit template will be assigned to Review Approval Email Template and Review Acknowledgement Email Template respectfully.

If you don’t want to assign the Default template, uncheck the Use System Value and select the template in the dropdown list. Such as you can choose Sender information also.


Coupon Code Settings:

Here you can set the coupon code settings.

Coupon Code Settings

Select Coupon Code Rule - List of rules which you have created in Cart price rule will be appearing here. Pick the one which suits for this coupon code. You just have to make sure that selected Rules are active and expire date is null or greater or equal to current date. The coupon code will create under the selected rule only.

Enter the Coupon Code Length - Here you have the option to fix the number of characters to be sent as coupon code. By default it has set to 12, you have the option to change.  The code length is except the prefix and suffix value.

Coupon Code Format - It gives you the option to set the coupon code format. You can choose from three options - Alphabetical, Numeric and Alphanumeric. Codes will be generated based of your choice. By default it has set to Alphanumeric.

Coupon code Prefix & Suffix - You have option to fix the prefix and suffix for the final coupon code. If you keep it empty then final coupon code will be generated code.

Dash Every X Character - Enter the Dash Every X Character to generate the coupon code with separator. If empty no separation.


Product Review Form:

We have added the Email field in the Review forms at front-end. If the module is enabled from admin dashboard, the email field will be showing at front-end.

 Review Form

Once end-user review submit is complete, Review Acknowledgement email will be sent to customer if we have enabled Send Review Acknowledgement. If not end-user won’t get acknowledgement email.


End-user Acknowledgement Email:

End-user will get following email content.

Review Received


Reviews Details in Admin:

To view the product reviews go to, Marketing -> Reviews in admin.

Here listed the reviews as grid. You can click Edit link in the grid to view the specific review details.

Review Grid


If you are satisfy with end-user review, you can change the status Pending into Approved.


Edit Review



Click the Save Review button in the Right corner.  Once product review has saved. End user will get the Review Approval Email for guest.

Review Live


If end-user as guest get above email content. Or else if end-user as customer will get the following email content. 

Review Coupon

The email will send to end-user, while submit the review status on approval as first time.

Coupon code messages are showing based on the Cart Rules configuration at admin.

End-user will utilize the coupon code for next purchase.


Stability: Stable Build


+ Review Coupons Initial Stable Version

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