Promotions Scheduler

Promotions Scheduler is used to manage the magento's promotions rules in to the calendar view.

Compatible With:
CE 1.7.x, 1.8.x & 1.9.x; EE 1.13.x & 1.14.x
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Promotions Scheduler

Promotions Scheduler is used to manage Magento® promotion rules using calendar view. With the help of this extension, we can view all the scheduled events in one place.

We can view the promotions scheduler in Magento® back end under DCKAP->Promotions Scheduler->Promotions Scheduler.


Enabling Extension:

To enable the extension, go to DCKAP > Promotions Scheduler >Settings under General tab set 'Yes' for ‘Enabled’.

The calendar will show a list of all promotions for a specific month or a week or a day. We can also switch to Day/Week/Month/Year. For promotions with no coupon code, the promotion name is displayed in the calendar.

We can navigate back and forth to check the list of scheduled promotions for previous and ongoing months/weeks/days.


Filter the Promotions:

We can filter the promotions by catalog and shopping cart rule. Both catalog and shopping cart price rules will be displayed in different colors for easy understanding. If the coupon is disabled, the color will be differentiated. If we switch to a year view, we can view the number of coupons created month-wise. It will also display the coupon codes when we click the coupon count.


Search the Promotions:

We can search the promotions by coupon code and rule name. The search box has enabled for auto suggestion and can be further configured in configuration settings.


Scheduling Promotions:

We can quickly schedule the promotions using the calendar. Clicking on a specific date will show you a pop-up box to enter the promotion information. New promotions can be created within the promotion scheduler. We can edit and add the conditions/actions for specific promotions in a new tab.


Email Reminder:

If a promotion is going to expire, the system will notify with a friendly email reminder. We can configure the email and cron in backend under DCKAP > Promotions Scheduler > Settings. The email templates can be managed in the Settings.



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