Product FAQ

This extension allows prospective buyers, customers and retailers to engage with one another by asking specific questions related to the product.

Compatible With:
СE 2.0.x - 2.3.x; EE 2.0.x - 2.3.x
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Product FAQ extension enables retailers to add a “Frequently Asked” Section to their product details page. This extension allows prospective buyers, customers and retailers to engage with one another by asking specific questions related to the product.



  • Any user can ask questions about a product in the product detail page. This can be controllable from the backend settings (i.e.) allow only logged in users to ask questions.
  • Any user or customer, who has bought the product earlier, can answer the questions for a product in the product detail page. This can also be controlled from the backend settings.
  • Users can search questions related to a particular product and find answers in the corresponding product detail page.
  • Customers can up vote or down vote any question.
  • Customers can also like the answers posted by any other customers.
  • Customers can easily ask questions and post answers using the popup feature.
  • Site admin has the option to moderate all the questions and the answers posted by the users.
  • A captcha option for forms is available for spam control.
  • Email option can be enabled from the backend settings. Mails will be sent to the customer when their questions are answered.
  • Customized name for the tab and description can be provided in the product detail page.
  • Site admin can choose whether to receive the notifications when the questions and answers are posted for a product.


How to Ask Questions?

Users can navigate to specific product detail page and click “Ask Community” under Product FAQ tab.



Product FAQ-How To


Upon clicking the “Ask Community” button, the below form with the Question, Name and Email fields will be displayed.

Product FAQ-Ask Community


Manage Product FAQ:

When the customer enters the question from product detail page, the data will be stored and managed in Magento backend under PRODUCTS->Product FAQ->Manage Product FAQ.

In the Manage Product FAQ section, we can see the list of questions and answers posted by the customer. Admin can also answer the questions posted by customer.

 Product FAQ-Manage Products


By default, whenever customers post the questions/answers it will be in disabled state. Admin needs to moderate the questions/answers to make it visible in the frontend.

Admin can see the number of answers posted for each questions in the grid


How to Reply to Questions?

Questions can be answered by either customer or administrators. Customers can answer the questions by simply clicking the Answer button for the specific question in product detail page.

Administrator can also answer questions from Magento back end. Admin can select specific questions and answer them.

Product FAQ-Reply


In the above screen, we can also view the number of answers posted for the question. 

Product FAQ-No.of Answers


Admin can accept the answers to publish it in front end.


Search Questions:

User can search the questions in the search bar to get the answer.

Product Faq-Search


  • Stability: Stable Build
  • Description:

    + Product FAQ Initial Stable Version

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