Happy Hours

Happy Hours allows store owners to run campaigns / promotions in defined period of time.

Compatible With:
CE 1.7.x, 1.8.x & 1.9.x; EE 1.13.x & 1.14.x
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Happy Hours allows store owners to run campaigns / promotions in defined period of time. It also helps in increasing sales and encourages store owners to motivate the customers / guests to engage in store at low traffic hours.



refers to raising customer awareness of a product or brand, generating sales, and creating brand loyalty. Magento® provides store owners the ability to manage promotions. Unfortunately, Magento® doesn't have the feature to run promotions for a certain period of time.

Happy hours helps store owners by providing the feature to add/manage promotions with specific date and time. Store owners can also run promotions between dates with specific time. Ex: from 10 pm, Feb 6 2016 to 6 am, Feb 7 2016



  • Ability to run campaigns/promotions in certain period of time.
  • Supports both shopping cart rule promotions and catalog rule promotions.
  • Increases sales.
  • Engages website traffic at low traffic hours by running promotions.
  • Helps to increase repeat visitors to your store


How Happy Hours work?

Happy hours allows store owners to add time to the start and end date when adding promotions. Store owner can able configure Magento® timely promotions. Using this module, store owner can run the campaign from any defined time to another defined time. For Ex: Below promotion will be active on April 5, 2016 from 2PM to 4PM in store timezone.


Shopping Cart Rule Promotions:

Navigate to Promotions > Shopping Cart Price Rules. Happy hours list all shopping cart promotions in the grid with the defined time configurations.


Catalog Rule Promotions:

Navigate to Promotions > Catalog Rules. Happy hours list all catalog rule promotions in the grid with the defined time configurations.



Store owners can uninstall the module at any time by simply removing the necessary folders or uninstalling from Magento® Connect Manager. After unistallation, Store Owners have to run the following sql script in phpmyadmin for completely removing module changes.

Key Constraints:

  • Do not disable the module from System > Advanced. It may cause broken errors.
  • You can only able to uninstall the module to disable it.
  • Apply catalog rules after installing the module.
  • No back-end configuration is needed for the module.


  • Stability: Stable Build
  • Description:

    + Happy Hours Initial Stable Version

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