Quick Order

Customer can add the items to cart without navigating the categories. Simply enter the SKU, Quantity and add items to cart.

Compatible With:
СE 2.0.x - 2.3.x; EE 2.0.x - 2.3.x
Get impressed here by checking out glimpse of the extension in action on the Magento frontend and backend

Overview :

Whenever a customer visits an online store, he/she will try to search and order the products quickly without navigating to all categories and find the products. Quick order is such an extension to facilitate the customer with this functionality.                            

 Features :      

  • Customer can search and order the products using the quick order popup, without navigating to other pages.
  • Customers can order simple and configurable products using this popup.
  • Different products can be easily added using dynamic rows in the popup.  
  • B2B customers can add multiple products quickly by specifying the SKU and the quantity of the products in a text area in the popup.
  • Admin can change the no. of rows to be displayed in the popup, which is used to order the products.
  • Admin can change the separator for SKU and quantity from the backend settings.
  • Admin can also change the no. of characters needed for product auto suggest to work in the popup.
  • Allow admin to add quick order on any CMS Page using widget option

Configuration :

To configure the extension, navigate to Stores > Quick order > Settings from the left side menu in the backend. Set the 'Enabled' field to 'yes' and also set some desired values for other fields too.

How to order products quickly ?

After installing the extension and clearing all the caches, we can see a quick order button at top right corner. Users can click on the button and order the products using the quick order popup.

They can add simple and configurable products to cart using this popup.

For configurable products, they must select the product first and then the options will appear. After that they can select the desired configurable attributes and add the product to the list.

How to order products using SKU?

Users can add the products to cart by specifying the list of product SKU's with the quantity, in a text area in the popup.


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