Sample Request for B2B

Magento 2 Sample Request for B2B Extension allows customers to request for samples prior to purchase. Also it provides necessary analytics for the retailer for their conversion ratios.

Also available For Magento 1
Compatible With:
СE 2.0.x - 2.3.x; EE 2.0.x - 2.3.x
Get impressed here by checking out glimpse of the extension in action on the Magento frontend and backend
In B2B or B2C eCommerce involving bulk purchases, the customer prefers to check for a sample before placing a bulk order. B2B Sample Request allows customers to request for samples prior to purchase. Along with the request, this extension also provides necessary analytics for the retailer, to check the completion of sample requests and their conversion ratios.
B2B Sample Request magento 2 extension focuses on both B2B and B2C retailers those who sell goods in bulk quantity. 
This provides an easier and prominent way for the site owners to gain trust from the customers and track their samples.
  • Sample request can be restricted to specific products / customer groups by the administrator.
  • When the order is placed/  processed / completed / rejected, email notification is received by the administrator as well as the customer.
  • Statistical analysis about the sample requests in various factors like customer groups, total requests placed, total requests converted into orders and so on are provided in detail.
  • Additionally it also provides the Requests Conversion Rates (Percentage representation of total requests converted to orders per total requests completed) for the specific sample.
  • Tracks the order converted from sample requests completion and maintains analysis record.
  • Captcha is also available for better security while the user / customer is requesting samples.
Navigate to Sales > Sample Requests > Statistcal Analysis from the top menu.


Requests Conversion Rates
Request conversion rate is the percentage of total sample requests converted into orders per total requests placed. Three types of conversion rates are available
  • Total Conversion Rate – Calculated based on requests placed by both customers and guests.
  • Customer Conversion Rate – Calculated based on requests placed by only customers.
  • Guest Conversion Rate – Calculated based on requests placed by only guests.
Request conversion rate helps the site owners to take the decision on approving / rejecting the sample requests in future orders.
Requesting Sample Order from the Website


Customers / Guest users can find the request sample button on the product view page based on the configurations in the back end. When Customer / Guest user clicks the request sample button, a pop-up dialog will appear asking for the customer details and comments.
Note: Request Sample option will appear only for the Simple Products.
Managing Sample Requests in Customer Account
Customers can easily manage the previous sample request orders from their account. To view all the samples requested, navigate to My Account > My Sample Request Orders from the left side menu.

The customer can also view the individual sample request with updated status and admin comments. When customer click the view order link, it will get redirected to the sample request order detailed page.
Adding and Editing Sample Request Order
To add sample request, click add button on top right corner in Sample Request manager. Upon clicking a list of products will be displayed.


Once the product is selected, Administrator can view the form with pre-populated data. The administrator can notify the customer via email regarding the sample request order by checking the Notify Customer by Email before saving the form. The administrator can also add comments on any sample request and the respective user / customer will be notified.


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