Epicor Eclipse Integration using CLORAS

Epicor Eclipse Integration using CLORAS

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The Plan:

DCKAP will work on the integration of Magento 2 eCommerce website and Epicor Eclipse ERP using CLORAS as outlined below.


Description of Deliverables :

The primary deliverables are outlined below and are available out of the box with CLORAS.

Integration services to be provided:

  1. Customer information sync from Magento to Eclipse
  2. Order sync dynamically from Magento to Eclipse only
  3. Order Processing sync (Tracking number and Status) from Eclipse to Magento
  4. Inventory sync from Eclipse to Magento and displayed based on locations
  5. Product update sync from Eclipse to Magento
  6. Products marked as web-enabled in Eclipse will only be synced with Magento and can define the visibility of the product for sale.
  7. The product defined by specific price lines will be synced from Eclipse to Magento
  8. Dynamic Pricing and Inventory for Customers


Following are the assumptions made for the project work,

  1. Eclipse Dev environment to be provided by the client
  2. Eclipse API to be provided by the client with the ability to access the respective modules needed for integration.
  3. Access to Magento platform to be provided by the client
  4. Magento version 2.x is considered for the project
  5. Default order process is considered for the Integration
  6. Data migration (Eclipse to Magento) is not part of the proposed contract and only updates in Eclipse will sync over to Magento via CLORAS
  7. Inventory sync, warehouse tracking is not considered for product sync from Magento into Eclipse
  8. Product sync from Magento into Eclipse will sync ONLY product name, item ID & price
  9. Dynamic pricing is applicable only for search results, PLP & PDP. Dynamic pricing for custom blocks on Magento will require customization
  10. Customer details to be synced include the default Magento registration fields
  11. Contact and Customer ID relationship is managed in Eclipse
  12. A domain name should be created and should point to the ERP environment, with the ports (5000 & 5001) open for both HTTP & HTTPS. A windows system running an IIS server is required
  13. Any development/configuration work in Magento or in the Eclipse environment from DCKAP end would incur additional billing hours

Any new requirements/changes after sign off on the SOW will be considered as a change request and will incur additional costs. The description of deliverables above determines the In-Scope and Out of Scope items.


CLORAS Implementation: Free

Cloras Licencing Fee: $9,600/year.


At this formative stage, we are overseeing a timeline of 4 weeks, which is the total time of completion covering all the stages for the proposed solution, provided there is no delay in fulfilling the dependencies.

Payment Terms:

USD 9,600.00 to initiate the contract.

Any additional requirements/integration pieces required by the customer will be priced at a rate of $95/hour.

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