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Magento2 Cross-sell / Upsell extension analyses the previous purchases on the store to come up with relevant recommendations to boost cross selling of items.

Compatible With:
СE 2.0.x - 2.3.x; EE 2.0.x - 2.3.x
Get impressed here by checking out glimpse of the extension in action on the Magento frontend and backend

Introduction to Customer who bought this item also bought

Easiest way for retailers to bring in more revenue is by upselling to existing clients. Up selling can done in two ways, one way is after the purchase and another way is while they were making the purchase by suggesting products which are complementary to their current item in their cart. Since customers are already in buying mode it requires less effort to persuade them to make another purchase. To capitalize on this intuitive customer behaviour we have developed “Customer Who Bought This Item Also Bought” extension.
Here is how “Customer Who Bought This Item Also Bought” extension works, when a customer adds an item in their cart then the extension will look into the record of all the previously purchased customers and try to find out if they have bought any other item along with the selected one. If it finds any product during the search then those products will be displayed at the bottom of the product view page.

This feature helps the sellers to cater right product at the right time to their clients and it will make a solid impact in their sales.

If there are more than few items to be displayed in recommended product section then all the products will be displayed using Carousel Slider as slider item on the product view page. So this way we are not restricting any item from getting displayed in recommendation section.



  • Enable/Disable this extension at any time from Magento backend.
  • Customize “Customer Who Bought This Item Also Bought” block title from Magento backend.
  • Ability to set any order status from Magento backend, that order status will be used in the Also Bought products generation.
  • Set the number of Also Bought products to display on the product view page from Magento backend.
  • Sort the Also Bought products list either by popularity or randomly from Magento backend.
  • Enable/Disable the Carousel Slider for the Also Bought products from the Magento backend.


Module Configuration:

To configure the extension, go to STORE > Settings > Configuration and from left side menu, navigate to DCKAP > Also Bought. You can find various options to control the Also Bought module. You can enable/disable or change the options any time from the backend.


General Configuration:

To enable/disable the Also Bought extension, go to STORES > Settings > Configuration and from the left side menu, navigate to DCKAP > Also Bought, select the “Enabled” field as “Yes” to enable the extension and select “No” to disable the extension.

Geeral Config




Also Bought Block Settings:

Here we can customize the Also Bought block that will be displayed at the bottom of the product view page.

Block Settings

Block Title: Title of the Also Bought product list content on product view page. Admin can easily customize it from Magento backend.

Order Status: Admin can select the order status that will used to filter Also Bought item collection.

Number of Products to Display: Can set the number of products to show in the Also Bought block from Magento backend.

Sort Order: Sort the Also Bought products either by popularity or randomly.


Carousel Slider Settings:

Here we can control the carousel slider for the Also Bought product list.

Carousel Slider Settings


Enabled: Enable/disable the carousel slider for the Also Bought product list.

Loop the Item Slide: Recommended products will run as a loop in product view page if buyer clicks on the arrow mark.

Autoplay: If it is Yes, the Also Bought item will slide automatically for the given time interval.

Autoplay Time Interval: Set the time interval to automatically slide the Also Bought items.


Customer Who Bought This Item Also Bought Block:

In Magento frontend, under the product section in the product view page, the “Customer Who Bought This Item Also Bought” block will display like below image.

Front End


Stability: Stable Build


+ Customer who bought this Item also bought Initial Stable Version

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