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Call for price magento2 extension is used to display the call to order phone number and the call back button in all of the product listing and detail pages.

Compatible With:
СE 2.0.x - 2.3.x; EE 2.0.x - 2.3.x
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In an online store, if a store admin/merchant wants call back for some products in the catalog, then he/she would show the contact number in the product detail page. Also sometimes customer want a call back from store admin. Call for price extension is one such extension to accomplish this task easily.

Features :       

  • You can change the callback attribute in backend to show the callback button in frontend, to allow customers to register their information, and to receive call back from site admin.

  • Admin will get notifications whenever a user registers for a call back.

  • You can also track the backend call back information based on whether you have communicated to that particular customer or not.

  • You can able to switch on the call to order when the product price is 0, using a configuration setting.

  • You can also change the setting to display the preferred time to call option for customers.

  • You can also filter the call back information based on the products and status.

To configure the extension, navigate to Products > Call Back Manager > Settings from the left menu.


How to enable call to order for a product ?
Open the product's edit page in admin and set the 'Enable call to order' attribute to 'yes'. After doing this, the contact number in configuration, and a call back button will be displayed in the product pages and listing pages in frontend.


How can a user register for a call back ?
If the extension is enabled and admin have configured the product to be available on call to order, then a call back button would be displayed. The user can click on the button and enter his/her details in the popup. Once the user has registered, the call back information will be saved and displayed in the call back list in backend.



Call back Manager :

To manage all call back information, navigate to PRODUCTS > Call Back Manager > Manage Call backs



How can admin check the call back info and track it ?
Admin will get notifications whenever a user registers for a call back. Admin can view the call back info by navigating to PRODUCTS > Call Back Manager > Manage Call backs. Admin can also change the status of the call back information.



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